Government Cloud Platforms 2021–2022 RadarView™

November, 2021


Report Summary

The report addresses the need for government agencies and departments to leverage cloud platforms to accelerate their digital journeys, embrace the cloud, and identify the right cloud platform providers to partner with. It covers key trends shaping the market and use cases solved by government cloud providers, who are expanding their services to serve more agencies.

The report features RadarView profiles for five platform providers, including their solutions, offerings, and experience in assisting public agencies. It is also a good reflection of how government departments are increasingly leveraging blockchain, 5G networks, and edge computing capabilities within government cloud platforms to address smart systems for better administration, support low-latency communication systems, improve public services, and secure sensitive data concerning national security.

Why read this RadarView?

The increasing need to protect sensitive workloads from unauthorized access and ensure compliance are driving the shift to a more robust and modern cloud-based IT infrastructure.

This report is designed to help public sector agencies define their approach for cloud adoption and identify the right platform to support them.

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Featured providers

This RadarView includes an analysis of the following cloud platform providers: AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.


Avasant follows a multipronged approach to gather the practitioner’s insights. This includes extensive and ongoing interviews and discussions with subject matter experts, Avasant distinguished fellows, and advisors involved in strategy development for the cloud.

Avasant evaluated more than 15 cloud platform vendors across the dimensions of product maturity, enterprise adaptability, and future readiness, recognizing five vendors that have brought the most value to the market over the last 12 months.

Table of contents

About the report (Page 3)

Executive summary (Pages 4–7)

    • Defining government cloud platforms
    • Key government cloud platform trends shaping the market
    • RadarView assessment

The current state (Pages 8–13)

    • Government agencies are opening up to the cloud
    • Data sovereignty regulations are strengthening worldwide
    • Data security is an increasing focus
    • Cloud providers are betting on blockchain, 5G networks, and edge computing
    • Cloud providers are looking to expand into more geographies

RadarView overview (Pages 14–19)

    • Methodology and coverage
    • Interpretation of classification
    • RadarView assessment

Platform provider profiles (Pages 20–30)

    • Featured platform providers: AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle

Authors (Page 32)

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