IT Spending and Staffing 2008/2009: Chapter 4, ROI and TCO Trends

July, 2008


Chapter 4 reports the economic experiences of our respondents with 14 technologies and IT initiatives, as follows: server virtualization, storage virtualization, data center consolidation, application system consolidation, business Intelligence applications, service-oriented architecture (SOA), software as a service (SaaS), legacy system renewal, open source business applications, IT asset management systems, Voice over IP (VoIP), unified communications/unified messaging, web conferencing, and global positioning systems (GPS). For each technology or IT initiative, we report the percentage of organizations with positive ROI, breakeven ROI, and negative ROI. In addition, we report the percentage of organizations that experienced a lower TCO (total cost of ownership) than budgeted, the same TCO as budgeted, or a higher TCO than budgeted. (34 pp., 28 figs.)
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