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    Crossroads of the Utilities Sector Business Model

    With an eye on the future, digital transformation offers Utilities the opportunity to be more efficient, responsive and innovative in delivering services. Digital transformation also provides improved customer engagement on mobile, social and web interfaces. This enables better two-way communications that lead to customized rate plans, products, and services based on customer usage, resulting in improved data management and analytics leading to higher operational efficiencies in the generation, transmission, and distribution. The industry is likely to witness a significant transformation which will eventually serve the best interest of both the consumer and the Utilities industry.

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    Renewable Integration: Trends, Challenges and Digital Measures

    A structured approach to renewable energy by utilities and other stakeholders will allow for seamless integration without cost duplication and service interruption. The digital components of this strategy will enhance efficiency and eliminate redundancy. Read this article to gain insides of challenges, trends, and tips for digital strategy implementation in renewable energy of the Utility Industry.

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    Digital and Cloud Solutions – Impact of Opex Solutions on a CapEx Centric Utility Industry

    The digital era has given a new course to the age-old discussion on CapEx-OpEx optimization. The direct impact of technology on financial levers of utilities business was never so great. Operationalization of capital expenditure opens up a wide range of possibilities like minimized upfront investments, improved asset usage ratios, increased average revenue per unit, average margin per user, and cost of asset recovery.

  • global strategy@2x 1 scaled 600x400 - Research Reports

    Intelligent Automation for Competitive Advantage

    The next wave of automation is impacting human actions, from the improvement of mere human labor to the improvement of the thoughts and judgment. Automation is about a new age of human social evolution where human effort and the actions of machines integrate into a seamless process to drive business outcomes. Avasant’s Intelligent Automation for competitive advantage paper unveils five rules clients should address when planning, defining and executing Intelligent Automation strategies.

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    Impact of Trump Administration Immigration Initiatives on Tech Industry

    Avasant’s "Impact of Trump Administration Immigration Initiatives on Tech Industry" article provides a brief analysis of the Trump Administration’s initiatives to change certain aspects of US immigration policy, and the potential impact to the global technology services industry. Avasant has also outlined some potential adjustments by the global technology services industry in response to US policy changes.

  • Preparing for the Digital Workforce 600x400 - Research Reports

    Preparing for the Digital Workforce

    Avasant’s "Preparing for the Digital Workforce" paper raises questions much like What are the strategic implications of the digital workforce? What has been written on the subject of automation is about the potential impact on jobs, with topics including: How many jobs will be lost?, What type of jobs are most or least likely to go first?, How can one defend one’s role against the specter of creeping automation?

  • Intellectual Property scaled 600x400 - Research Reports

    Fundamentals of Intellectual Property

    National and local governments around the world have their own sets of laws and rules to protect intellectual property. An individual or company can register with the appropriate governmental authority to protect its intellectual property rights. Avasant’s 'Fundamentals of Intellectual Property paper' offers an overview of four areas of Intellectual Property: Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Trade Secret.

  • HERO Why Us 600x400 - Research Reports

    Fundamentals of Copyright Law

    Copyright exists as soon as an original work is fixed in a tangible medium. That is, it is not necessary to register a work with the government to own the copyright in the work. Rather, a copyright is automatically granted by law. Registering the work with the government, however, has several advantages. In the U.S., the United States Copyright Office handles copyright registration. To register, a copyright owner needs to file a copyright application, pay an associated filing fee, and deposit a copy of the copyrighted work.

  • Fundamentals of Trademark Law 600x400 - Research Reports

    Fundamentals of Trademark Law

    Trademarks are territorial in nature. That is, a U.S. federal trademark applies across the U.S. only. Similarly, a trademark obtained from one of the U.S. states applies in that state only. Therefore, for trademark protection in other countries, a trademark application must be filed in each country.

  • Avasant Law Technology Transactions scaled 600x400 - Research Reports

    Fundamentals of Patent Law

    A patent is a government-granted right for a fixed time period to exclude others from making, selling, using, and importing an invention, product, process or design, or improvements on such items. Avasant’s 'Fundamentals of Patent Law' article addresses the concept, types, and application of patents.

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    2017 Travel Tech Trends

    The travel industry is increasingly fragmented and very competitive, with technology as its key factor. The travellers now have increasingly higher expectations about their travel experience, prioritizing comfort and accessibility. The aim of Avasant's 2017 travel tech trends paper is to provide answers to the aforementioned questions based on an open-dialogue approach.

  • Case Study Healthcare Life Sciences scaled 600x400 - Research Reports

    From the Plant to the Patient: Innovation in Value Driven Healthcare

    Conversely, when stakeholders collaborate early in the patient’s journey, increased lead-time improves production planning and distribution assuring the necessary inventory is available at the optimal time for the patient. This is a win for both cost and quality. Ultimately, every step that streamlines the path from the plant to the patient creates a potential increase in value.