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Worldwide Technology Trends Reports

This research category includes our annual study on technology trends worldwide, along with in-depth reports on technology adoption and investment trends for each technology, as well as special reports on technology trends.

Worldwide Technology Trends: Annual Report

This is our annual report on technology trends, which provides an overview of current adoption trends, investment trends, and customer experience for a variety of new and popular technologies.

This study is based on a survey of 188 IT organizations worldwide conducted from September through December 2020. The IT organizations were asked about their technology adoption plans for the 18-month period stretching into the first half of 2022, as well as their return on investment and total cost of ownership experience over the previous two-year period.

Our current survey covers 15 technologies and technology initiatives. We also look at 18 early adopter and future technologies to find out which new technologies are viewed as practical versus just hype.

Read a detailed description, download free sample pages, or access the full Technology Trends report.

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In-Depth Analysis Reports

Throughout the year, we publish detailed reports on the adoption trends and customer experience for many of these technologies:

Special Reports

In addition, we publish special studies with analysis of major issues and trends, based on our original research. Here are some examples:

For a full list of reports, including those not listed above, use our report filtering capability.

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