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  • IT Best Practices - Simplify to Reduce Costs

    Simplify to Reduce Costs

    With the New Year upon us, many individuals are committing to personal resolutions to improve their life. Simplifying your IT environment can also achieve significant results, such as: reducing overall costs; improving the manageability and reliability of the environment; improving service levels and customer satisfaction; improving IT attitudes and reducing frustration; and allowing IT to focus on the areas critical to the business. What are ways to simplify your IT environment and achieve these benefits? Click here to purchase.

    January, 2005

  • Technology Trends - The Business Case for Linux Deployment

    The Business Case for Linux Deployment

    Linux has many advocates for use both in servers and on the desktop. The question arises, however, that in view of ongoing legal, financial, and technical controversies whether Linux is an effective enterprise-level strategy. Although there are a number of concerns in regard to Linux adoption, including legal challenges, return on investment, and the cost of ownership, many organizations find the economics of Linux to be positive. Click here to purchase. $95 (USD)

    October, 2004

  • Technology Trends - IBM's E-Business On-Demand Strategy (1Q03)

    IBM’s E-Business On-Demand Strategy (1Q03)

    Providing e-business via an on-demand model may become a key differentiator that separates market leaders from the pack.

    January, 2003

  • Research Bytes - IT Equipment Disposal Costs Continue to Rise

    IT Equipment Disposal Costs Continue to Rise

    Today, the sheer volume of used computer equipment that must be disposed of has made this a problematic issue--and one that has attracted upper management attention. As a result, the computer recycling business is booming and the price of using these services is on the upswing.

    November, 2002

  • Technology Trends - Do Open Operating Systems Pay Off in the Enterprise?

    Do Open Operating Systems Pay Off in the Enterprise?

    The combination of Microsoft’s animosity, technological improvements, and marketplace competition creates openings for an ever-increasing number of open operating systems. Considering these OS alternatives from the enterprise perspective shows that the various flavors of Linux offer some intriguing economic possibilities. 

    September, 2002