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  • Technology Trends - Open Source in the Enterprise

    Open Source in the Enterprise

    Today, more corporate enterprise IT organizations are making the decision to adopt open source technology as viable products emerge, and as executives face increased pressure to drive costs out of the IT side of the business. Further, a key to open source becoming a viable element of corporate IT strategy is the fact that an appropriate support infrastructure and business model has emerged. Open source software alternatives exist for practically every enterprise software infrastructure need. But is your business ready for open source technology? No doubt, there are opportunities and challenges. This article looks at some of the best practices for knowing when to adopt and when to avoid open source software, and offers some advice on setting corporate policies that will guide your employees on the use of open source software.  Click here to purchase. - $99

    October, 2004

  • Technology Trends - Wireless Networking in the Enterprise

    Wireless Networking in the Enterprise

    Wireless networks, more commonly referred to as Wi-Fi, are increasing both in quantity and performance. Selecting an effective approach for installing Wi-Fi within your company requires first understanding the options available and the trade-offs inherent in each. Wi-Fi remains an emerging technology, and some of the fundamental protocols are still under development. This immaturity does not necessarily imply great risk in developing a wireless network, but it does signal the need for caution in making choices.   Click here to purchase. - $125 (USD)

    June, 2004

  • Technology Trends - Does Your Business Need a Data Warehouse?

    Does Your Business Need a Data Warehouse?

    Business managers have long struggled to have the right information to make the right business decision at the right moment. In fact, many of today’s household retail names—Starbucks, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot—attribute their ability to understand customer behavior and respond quickly to changes in buying patterns to their data warehouse deployments. You can’t get the global view of the business that you need to make decisions from transactional systems. Click here to purchase. - $195 (USD)

    February, 2004