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  • IT Staffing - IT Recruiting: Which Ways Work Best Today?

    IT Recruiting: Which Ways Work Best Today?

    The effectiveness of various IT recruiting methods varies according to the job market. This article provides an analysis of the current IT labor market and why IT hiring is becoming more difficult. Based on our survey of nearly 200 senior IT executives, it then presents a detailed analysis of nine recruiting methods in terms of their popularity among employers, their overall effectiveness, and their ability to produce the greatest numbers of new hires. The nine methods are: recruiting firms, in-house recruiters, online job boards, employee referral programs, corporate websites, print ads, internships, job fairs/events, and outplacement services. The analysis highlights the differences between small, medium, and large firms and finds that the methods that are most popular are not necessarily the ones that are most effective or able to generate the most new hires. (9 pp., 4 figs.)[Executive Summary]

    August, 2006