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  • IT Spending Benchmarks - Long-Term IT Trends in the Post-Recession World

    Long-Term IT Trends in the Post-Recession World

    Now that IT budgets have begun to recover from the Great Recession, it is important to consider how the world has changed. What are the long-term trends of the current era? We present our findings in four parts. First, we document changes in the mix of spending within the IT operational budget since 2007, showing a dramatic shift in how IT organizations are allocating resources. Second, we examine trends in outsourcing, use of contingency workers, IT staffing, and overall IT spending. Third, we present data from companies that have aggressively moved to the cloud to get some idea of what the future will bring. We conclude with recommendations for navigating the trends of today.  (20 pp., 12 figs.) [Research Byte]

    April, 2015