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  • Valuations - How to Negotiate a Computer Lease for Maximum Flexibility (2006)

    How to Negotiate a Computer Lease for Maximum Flexibility (2006)

    Lease agreements are often lengthy documents, printed in small type, and loaded with legal jargon, designed to give the impression that they cannot be easily understood or modified. Therefore, too many buyers simply sign the lease agreement as presented. This is a mistake. This article explains fourteen common leasing terms and conditions that lessees can and should negotiate up front to best serve the buyer's interest and grant maximum flexibility throughout the lease term. (6 pp., 2 figs.) [Executive Summary]

    November, 2006

  • Valuations - Computer Leasing: Back End Negotiations

    Computer Leasing: Back End Negotiations

    Many end-user organizations (lessee) enter into contractual agreements with leasing companies (lessors) with the hope that the lessor will work with them if the need to return the equipment arises during the course of the lease due to malfunctions or other problems. Additionally, lessees often have a high comfort level regarding the flexibility of the terms and agreements of the lease, chiefly because they have built a relationship with the leasing company over a period of years. However, many lessees have had their hopes dashed and watched their comfort levels quickly fade away. The following article will help you negotiate the proper leasing terms and conditions up front that will give you the "flexibility" you need to mitigate unforeseen conditions that may arise later on.

    February, 2004

  • Valuations - Financial Analysis:  Upgrade of Leased Equipment

    Financial Analysis: Upgrade of Leased Equipment

    Because of the many variables involved, deciding whether to renew an equipment lease or upgrade to newer technology is often a difficult process. This report shows how to perform the financial analysis to make such a decision, using a real life example. The example and accompanying calculations can be used as a template for performing your own analysis of a lease renewal.

    December, 2002