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  • Primaryimage IT AND APPS MANAGED SERVICES December 2023 Updated - IT and Apps Managed Services Pricing and Solution Trends: H2 2023

    IT and Apps Managed Services Pricing and Solution Trends: H2 2023

    In this report, Avasant provides key information on solutions and pricing trends for the IT and apps managed services industry in the past 12 months. The report covers several aspects, including market trends, pricing model trends, and pricing and staffing trends in the space. The geographical scope of the report is global, although there is an emphasis on data points from North America. The report leverages valuable insights from our enterprise interactions, ongoing market research, data collection through primary research, and the AvaMark™ Price Benchmarking database.

    December, 2023

  • IT Staffing - Server Support Staffing Ratios 2010

    Server Support Staffing Ratios 2010

    In this study on server support staffing ratios, we provide three benchmarking metrics: server support staff as a percentage of IT staff, users per server support staff member, and, most importantly, servers per server support staff member. We provide these metrics for small, midsize, and large organizations. We also look at other factors that can influence server support staffing, including the number of operating systems in an environment, the impact of virtualization on data center efficiency, and the amount of time support staff spends on projects and technical support. (14 pp., 8 figs.) [Executive Summary]

    April, 2009