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  • Fig2 CRMtechtrends2019 rb 600x400 - Research Reports

    CRM Adoption Takes a Great Leap Forward

    Customer relationship management systems have become one of the most popular categories of enterprise applications, and the adoption of these systems has jumped to another level. Worldwide, the CRM adoption rate rose from 55% in 2018 to 67% in 2019. However, overall user-satisfaction rates remain low, compared to other technologies in our study. This Research Byte examines CRM adoption and investment trends based on our full report.

  • July29 webinar image 600x400 - Research Reports

    Computer Economics: Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on IT Budgets in 2020

    Computer Economics: Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on IT Budgets in 2020 At the beginning of 2020, IT organizations were poised for another year of strong IT operational budget growth—and then the global coronavirus pandemic struck. IT leaders are changing their priorities for new projects as a result of COVID-19. Based on the results of the 31st annual Computer Economics IT spending survey just completed, Avasant’s digital forum “Computer Economics: Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on IT Budgets in 2020” discussed how companies are responding to the crisis.

  • ITsalaryReport2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    IT Salary Report 2020

    The Avasant Computer Economics IT Salary Report 2020 provides total compensation for 77 IT job functions for more than 400 U.S. metro areas and 20 industry sectors. The executive summary also provides our forecast for pay raises and hiring in 2020 and includes job descriptions for each job function.

  • Fig2 AI Finding RB 600x400 - Research Reports

    Reality Check: AI Finding Less Traction than Hype Would Suggest

    Despite the buzz, artificial intelligence (AI) appears to be not finding as much traction in businesses as we would expect. On the surface, it seems most companies do not yet understand the use cases that would lead them to invest heavily in AI. But the story is more complicated than it first appears. This Research Byte explains why.

  • ITSalaryFig1 600x400 - Research Reports

    IT Salaries Lagging Behind U.S. Economic Growth

    With a strong economy and low unemployment and inflation, we would expect IT salaries in the U.S. to be strongly increasing. But the results of our 2020 survey shows they are growing only modestly. This Research Byte highlights some of the key reasons, based on the Computer Economics IT Salary Report 2020.

  • corona BLUE 1500x430 2 1 540x400 - Research Reports

    Strategies for Managing Outsourcing Spend in the Post-COVID World

    This Research Byte focuses on strategies for business and IT leaders in managing their outsourcing spend and how they can achieve savings. Using a focused negotiation strategy in the middle of this crisis, IT leaders can avoid a reactionary approach in their discussions with service providers.

  • HCLeventbyte 600x400 - Research Reports

    Not Just Digital, Digital Resiliency Is Imperative For Enterprises

    The COVID-19 pandemic marks a watershed moment for companies, and the need for building digital resilience has never been greater. To address business continuity and productivity, there has been a forced shift to remote work in many organizations, along with a spike in the demand for collaboration and a sudden rush to migrate applications to the cloud.

  • Covid - Research Reports

    Deconstructing the Sourcing Challenges In the Wake Of COVID-19

    Organizations can neither influence the public health responses to the pandemic, nor can they change societal structures by themselves. But they can prepare for the restart of the economy and, what appears to be even more important, for any potential second wave of Covid-19 or other pandemic threats. In this interview moderated by Tom Reuner, Head of Strategy, Arago, Avasant’s Srinivas Krishna (Partner and Global Lead EMEA Region) shares his experiences and points of view on the sourcing challenges amidst COVID-19.

  • Fig2 IaaStrends RB 600x400 - Research Reports

    IaaS Adoption Grows Mostly Among Existing Adopters

    IT organizations continue to turn to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as an alternative to on-premises data centers. The technology is now mature and available from a variety of public cloud and private cloud providers. However, as with many maturing technologies, growth is now coming from organizations expanding their use of IaaS, rather than from first-time adopters.

  • CE Webecommerce fig2 600x400 - Research Reports

    Website/E-Commerce Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience

    Website and e-commerce outsourcing is one of the most ubiquitous types of managed services. To help IT executives better assess their options, this report analyzes the percentage of organizations outsourcing website and e-commerce operations (frequency), the average amount of work outsourced (level), and the change to the amount of work being outsourced (net growth trend).

  • CE IThelpDesk Fig2 600x400 - Research Reports

    IT Help Desk Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience

    IT help desk outsourcing helped establish the contemporary IT outsourcing industry. Nevertheless, the number of organizations that outsource the IT help desk dropped this year and has failed to bounce back in this time of relatively strong economic conditions. This report examines adoption trends and customer experience with help desk outsourcing.

  • CE ApDevOut Fig2 600x400 - Research Reports

    Application Development Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience

    The outsourcing of the application development function showed a slight increase in our annual IT Outsourcing Statistics study, but overall, the frequency of outsourcing this function has been on the decline since 2012. The use of application development service providers is at a crossroads, and the slow decline may continue. This report examines adoption trends and customer experience with application development outsourcing.