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  • Fig1ImpactofCOVID19 600x400 - Research Reports

    Coronavirus Impact on IT Budgets Still Coming

    Benchmarking IT spending and staffing is a complicated task in the best of economic conditions. Benchmarking in the middle of a global pandemic and recession is even more difficult, but also more important. As we prepare the launch of the 31st edition of our annual IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks report, this is the challenge.

  • PrimaryImage GCC2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    GCC Region Digital Services 2020-2021 RadarView™

    The GCC Region Digital Services 2020-2021 RadarView™ report addresses GCC enterprises' needs and helps them identify and adopt the right technologies combined with appropriate implementation strategies. The 120-page report also identifies the key service providers and system integrators that can help these enterprises in business transformation.

  • PrimaryImage SD WAN2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    SD-WAN Managed Services 2020 RadarView™

    The Avasant SD-WAN Managed Services 2020 RadarViewTM Report highlights key trends shaping the digital workplace in the short-term and the long run and lays out our view on the road ahead for the enterprises. It identifies key global service providers to assist enterprises in their journey to workplace transformation. The 95-page report also talks about the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the changing nature of digital workplaces.

  • Fig1SaasAdoption 600x400 - Research Reports

    SaaS Adoption Trends and Customer Experience 2020

    Software as a service is everywhere, and nearly all new software deployments are SaaS. It is time to stop thinking of SaaS as a growing technology and think of it as a mature incumbent. This report quantifies the current investment trends for SaaS and identifies the benefits driving companies to expand their SaaS implementations.

  • Moneyshot GCC2020 - Research Reports

    Gulf Cooperation Council Adopts Digital Transformation Amid Global Disruption

    In the face of dramatic challenges in 2020, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has witnessed growth in non-oil sectors. This is a direct result of structural reforms that are conducive to economic diversification. The six Arabian Peninsula governments instituted policies and initiatives—such as data security laws, permission of 100% foreign ownership, exemptions from corporate and income taxes, and granting permanent residency permits to foreign investors—that have resulted in global businesses entering the GCC region in recent years. As a result, local enterprises facing global disruptions are embracing digital transformation to stay competitive. These and other trends are explored in Avasant's new GCC Region Digital Services 2020-2021 RadarView™ report.

  • MoneyShotSD WAN2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    SD-WAN Modernizing Complex Networks, Driving Business Agility

    With constantly changing cloud environments, SD-WAN is transforming enterprises and allowing them to evolve quickly. With COVID-19, most of companies have adopted work-from-home policies, which is causing a shift in approach to more hybrid connections, more cloud enablers, and thriving analytics and artificial intelligence. SD-WAN and secure access solution edge (SASE) will bring many differences in the upcoming year, with all solutions in one secure platform. These and other trends are covered in Avasant’s SD-WAN Managed Services 2020 RadarView report.

  • Fig3TwoFactorAdoptionAndBestPractices 600x400 - Research Reports

    Two-Factor Authentication Adoption and Best Practices 2020

    Two-factor authentication is an IT security best practice that provides an extra layer of protection for system access. It is a highly advisable security measure, but our annual survey of IT management best practices shows that not enough companies use it formally and consistently. This report begins with a brief explanation of two-factor authentication.

  • Tech Trends Report 2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    Technology Trends 2020

    This major study provides insight into the customer experience and adoption rates for 15 technologies that are top-of-mind for IT leaders worldwide. The study also delves into satisfaction of the customer experience and the specific types of solutions under consideration.

  • Fig3PenetrationTesting2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    Penetration Testing Adoption and Best Practices 2020

    Penetration testing is an important element of IT security best practices. However, by itself, penetration testing is insufficient. It needs to be part of a robust and iterative process, in combination with the other security best practices to make it a formidable defensive weapon. In this report, we look at the maturity of penetration testing as an IT discipline. We assess current adoption trends by organization size and sector.

  • iaop gov 20 op - Research Reports

    IAOP GOV20: Governance Reimagined: Enabling Business Agility in the Digital Enterprise

    IAOP GOV20: Governance Reimagined: Enabling Business Agility in the Digital Enterprise

  • europe product 600x400 - Research Reports

    Avasant Digital Forum, Thriving in the New Normal: Enabling Hyper-Scale and Agile Business through Hybrid Cloud

    Businesses have to rapidly re-claim market leadership in the post-COVID economy. Studies show that digital and hybrid cloud investments are accelerating and will be a big enabler for thriving in the new normal. Hybrid cloud environments have become the platform for agility, innovation and business resiliency. The low Capex and high Elasticity advantage of a Hybrid cloud environment is ideal for a business that want to respond quickly to market shifts. However, the journey to cloud requires a carefully orchestrated roadmap and an ecosystem of technology partners. The technology choices while architecting the Hybrid Cloud blueprint is crucial in determining a successful outcome.  

  • product post event image emea 600x400 - Research Reports

    Avasant Digital Forum: Thriving In The Post-covid World: Enabling Digital Innovation And Cost Optimization

    In the Post-COVID world organizations have to rapidly adopt cost optimization and digital transformation strategies. As global markets remain unpredictable, companies have to streamline their IT and Operational costs while enabling more business agility. More and more GCC companies are now taking advantage of technology outsourcing partners to advance their innovation agenda while keeping costs low. They are leveraging Digital technologies such as Automation, AI, Cloud, IoT and Analytics to stay ahead of the competition. But implementing digital transformation is a complex undertaking that requires a strategic roadmap, mature execution capabilities and a cultural alignment.