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High-Tech Companies are Developing Digital Strategies to meet an Uncertain Post-COVID Economy

High-tech companies are facing risk associated with the pandemic including stressed supply lines, revenue uncertainty, and changing customer habits. While the risks may vary by region and product, the solution is the same—digital transformation. High-tech companies are looking at automation to reduce supply chain disruption and IoT to make production more efficient. They are looking at automation as well as augmented/virtual reality to deal with digital skills gaps. And they are using AI and analytics to enhance the customer experience and product design. Because the need for transformation is spread across so much of the value chain, many high-tech companies are looking for experienced partners.

Rethinking Customer Experience in the New Normal

Rapidly changing consumer behavior has forced companies to deploy new customer engagement channels with 61% of enterprises exploring new delivery models. COVID-19 has created demand for hyperpersonal, data-driven experiences across multiple channels. But these new customer experience (CX) strategies pose challenges including siloed data, a need for better change management, and picking the right platform. Service providers are responding to these challenges tailored, industry-specific solutions and a design-led approach.

Around Swapnil Bhatnagar in 10 questions

In an interview with Aniruddho Mukherjee, The IIAR> (Institute of Influencer & Analyst Relations), Avasant’s Swapnil Bhatnagar, Senior Research Director, shares his opinions on the IT Analysis Marketplace, good Analyst Relations practices and discusses key offerings and research coverage areas.