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    Crossroads of the Utilities Sector Business Model

    With an eye on the future, digital transformation offers Utilities the opportunity to be more efficient, responsive and innovative in delivering services. Digital transformation also provides improved customer engagement on mobile, social and web interfaces. This enables better two-way communications that lead to customized rate plans, products, and services based on customer usage, resulting in improved data management and analytics leading to higher operational efficiencies in the generation, transmission, and distribution. The industry is likely to witness a significant transformation which will eventually serve the best interest of both the consumer and the Utilities industry.

    August, 2019

  • IT Best Practices - Moving Security Beyond Regulatory Compliance

    Moving Security Beyond Regulatory Compliance

    Organizations today must comply with a greater number of regulations than ever before, many of which deal with information and system security. While the intent of these regulations is good, their proliferation is burdensome. Even more troubling, it is possible to be compliant but not secure. Based on our survey of 100 security, IT, and compliance professionals, this article proposes four principles for establishing a security program that goes beyond regulatory compliance. (5 pp., 6 figs.) [Executive Summary]

    October, 2007