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  • Research Bytes - Small Manufacturer First Go-Live for Infor CloudSuite Distribution

    Small Manufacturer First Go-Live for Infor CloudSuite Distribution

    These days, it's not unusual to hear about startup companies that never build a data center. But it is unusual to hear about old traditional companies making a complete transition to the cloud. One such customer is a 110-year old manufacturer, which is living proof that new technologies are not just for new companies.

    July, 2017

  • Research Bytes - Infor’s Most Urgent Initiative

    Infor’s Most Urgent Initiative

    Infor has evolved from an ERP provider that relied on acquisitions to one that has become an innovator. At the same time, many of its customers are stuck on older versions of its acquired products. If Infor is to be successful, its most crucial initiative should be to upgrade those older customers. This Research Byte outlines how Infor is attempting to accomplish this along with recommendations for Infor customers.

    October, 2014

  • Technology Trends - Understanding Cloud ERP Buyers and Providers

    Understanding Cloud ERP Buyers and Providers

    Not all ERP systems that are labeled “cloud” are the same. At the same time, vendors need to realize that not all ERP buyers are the same. The study provides an overview of ERP cloud vendors and describes the two major categories of buyers in this market: first-time buyers looking for their first ERP systems and established companies replacing their legacy systems. We also segment cloud ERP providers into two categories: cloud-only ERP providers and traditional vendors that have added cloud or hosting as deployment options. We conclude with recommendations for buyers and providers who seek to serve these markets. Two appendices provide our analysis of key ERP vendors in each category.  (32 pp., 6 fig.) [Research Byte]

    August, 2014

  • Research Bytes - Drilling Deep into Healthcare ERP

    Drilling Deep into Healthcare ERP

    Most enterprise software providers today claim to target certain industry sectors, but when you scratch below the surface you find that their so-called industry focus is not much more than a market strategy. In this Research Byte, we show how Infor is putting some weight behind its industry strategy, most recently in the healthcare.

    February, 2014