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  • IT Best Practices - How to Build an IT Service Catalog

    How to Build an IT Service Catalog

    A well-designed IT service catalog demonstrates the value of IT, defines service levels, facilitates budgeting, and aids in the evaluation of outsourcing services. Once an organization has decided to create a service catalog, however, the project can fall short of delivering on these promised benefits. This report lays out six steps for creating a well-designed service catalog, provides examples of the elements of a catalog, and concludes with advice on how to avoid typical pitfalls. (13 pp, 4 figs) [Research Byte]

    May, 2014

  • IT Best Practices - The Whats and Whys of the IT Service Catalog

    The Whats and Whys of the IT Service Catalog

    The IT service catalog is a foundational element of IT service management. Organizations looking to implement best practices in their delivery of IT services need to ensure that all stakeholders have a basic understanding of this important concept. This report explains the concepts of the IT service catalog and why it is an essential part of IT service management. It also provides practical recommendations for implementation of a service catalog.  (13 pp., 2 fig.) [Research Byte]

    April, 2014