IT Contractor/Temp Use Falls Dramatically in Utility Companies

November, 2002

Although most industries have experienced a significant decrease in the use of IT contractor/temp personnel, utility companies have been more aggressive than most in pulling in the reins on this spending category. The figure below illustrates the decrease in use of IT contractor/temp personnel in 2002 compared to the previous three-year period. The data represents the use of IT contractor/temp personnel as a percentage of the total IS department staff.

At the 25th percentile the use of IT contractor/temp personnel is almost nonexistent in utility companies, dropping over fivefold in 2002 from the previous three-year mark. At the midpoint the drop in outside help is still very significant, dropping approximately threefold over the same period. Only at the high-end of the scale is the use of outside IT contractor/temp services still somewhat strong.

Use of Contractor/Temp Personnel as a Percentage of Total IS Department Staff

Utility Companies



25th percentile






75th percentile



The data is shown for the lower quartile, median, and upper quartile. The lower quartile (25th percentile) presents the lowest 25% of IT contractor/temp deployment by all utility organizations, where 25% used less than that amount. The median (50th percentile) is the level at which half of the organizations used less and the other half used more. The upper quartile (75th percentile) presents the highest 25% used by all organizations, where 25% used the services of IT contractor/temp personnel more than that amount.

November 2002