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Recent and Upcoming Reports

The following reports were recently posted to our website or are scheduled to be published over the next several months.  These are available to our subscribers or may be purchased individually on our website.


Key reports published in last six months.


August 2022

IT Vendor Governance Adoption and Best Practices

Application Development Outsourcing Trends

Digital Masters RadarView™

HCM Suites RadarView™

CRM Suites RadarView™

July 2022

System Implementation/Integration Outsourcing Trends and Customer Experience

IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks

Network Operations Outsourcing Trends

Financial Management Suites  ​RadarView™

June 2022

RCM Business Process Transformation​ RadarView™

Banking Process Transformation RadarView™

Risk & Compliance Services RadarView™

Salesforce Implementation Services RadarView™

May 2022

E-Commerce Adoption Trends and Customer Experience

Supply Chain Management Adoption and Customer Experience

Travel & Hospitality Digital Services RadarView™

AR/VR/XR Services RadarView™

Retail Digital Services​ RadarView™

April 2022

Vendor Discount Report

IT Outsourcing Statistics

DevOps Staffing Ratios

Worldwide Technology Trends

IT Security Staffing Ratios

Multisourcing Service Integration Services RadarView™

Autonomous Medical Coding Products 2022 RadarView™ Scan

Banking Digital Services RadarView™

Applied AI and Advance Analytics Services RadarView™

Cybersecurity Services RadarView™

IOT Services RadarView™

March 2022

IT Management Best Practices

Worldwide IT Spending and Staffing Outlook for 2022

Data Management Staffing Ratios

Healthcare Provider Digital Services  RadarView™

February 2022

SD-WAN Adoption Trends and Customer Experience

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Adoption and Customer Experience

Cybersecurity Spending Benchmarks

IT Quality Assurance Staffing Ratios

Four Emerging Enterprise Technology Trends for 2022

January 2022

Desktop Support Staffing Ratios

IT Management and Administration Staffing Ratios

Digital Commerce Services RadarView™

Healthcare Payor Digital Services RadarView™

Intelligent Automation Services RadarView™

F&A Business Process Transformation RadarView™

December 2021

RFID Adoption Trends and Customer Experience 2021

Network Support Staffing Ratios

IT Salary Study

Global Hire-to-Retire Business Process Transformation RadarView™

Canada Digital Services RadarView™

Contact Center Services RadarView™

Oracle Cloud ERP Services RadarView™

Workday HCM Services RadarView™

SD-WAN Services RadarView™

Blockchain Services RadarView™

Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Services RadarView™

November 2021

Web/e-commerce Staffing Ratios

IT Security Technology Adoption and Customer Experience 

Server Support Staffing Ratios

Business and Data Analytics Adoption and Customer Experience

Business Analyst Staffing Ratios 2021

UK Digital Services RadarView™

SAP S/4HANA Services RadarView™

UCaaS Platforms RadarView™

HCM Adoption Trends and Customer Experience

Government Cloud Platforms RadarView™


Publication dates may vary, based on changing priorities.


September 2022

Insider Security Risk Assessment Best Practices

European IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks Study

Application Management Outsourcing Trends

Service-Based Cost Accounting Adoption and Best Practices

IT Standards, Training, and Documentation Staffing Ratios

Monitoring Software Licenses Adoption and Best Practices

Insider Risk Assessment Adoption and Best Practices

Cloud Governance Adoption and Best Practices

Digital Workplace Technologies Adoption and Customer Experience

Desktop Support Outsourcing Trends

The Future of IT

Low-Code/No-Code Platforms Adoption and Customer Experience

Disaster Recovery Services Outsourcing Trends

Disaster Recovery Testing Adoption and Best Practices

Infrastructure as a Service Adoption and Customer Experience

Benchmarking IT Spending Adoption and Best Practices

Vendor Discount Report

IT Service Catalog Adoption and Best Practices

Project Management Office Adoption and Best Practices

Enterprise Architecture Adoption and Best Practices

Application Developer Staffing Ratios

Web Operations Outsourcing Trends

Intelligent Document Processing Platforms​ RadarView™

Property and Casualty Insurance Digital Services RadarView™

Freight Logistics Digital Services RadarView™

Life Sciences Digital Services​​ RadarView™

Procurement Outsourcing Services​ RadarView™

Digital CX Services​ RadarView™

Digital Workplace Services​ RadarView™

Contact Center Services​ RadarView™

Cloud Platforms​ RadarView™

Digital Talent Capability​ RadarView™

Utilities Digital Services​ RadarView™

Process Discovery Platforms RadarView™

Manufacturing​ Digital Services RadarView™

October 2022

IT Steering Committee Adoption and Best Practices

ERP Support Staffing Ratios

Communications System Support Staffing Ratios

IT Project Management Staffing Ratios

IT Strategic Planning Adoption and Best Practices

State & Local Government​​ Digital Services​ RadarView™

Oracle Cloud ERP Services​ RadarView™

F&A Outsourcing Services​ RadarView™

Claims Processing Business Process Transformation​ RadarView™

November 2022

Database Administration Staffing Ratios

Help Desk Staffing Ratios

Software as a Service Adoption and Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence Adoption and Customer Experience

Business Analyst Staffing Ratios

Vendor Discount Report

Intelligent IT Ops Services RadarView™

Global Hire-to-Retire Business Process Transformation​ RadarView™

Blockchain Services​ RadarView™

SD-WAN Services​ RadarView™

Workday Implementation Services​ RadarView™

Digital Commerce Services​ RadarView™

December 2022

IT Salary Study 2022

Worldwide Technology Trends

CRM Adoption Trends and Customer Satisfaction

Network Support Staffing Ratios

System Implementation/Integration Outsourcing Trends

CPG Digital Services​ RadarView™

GCC Region Digital Services​​ RadarView™

SAP S/4HANA Services​ RadarView™

Intelligent Automation Services​ RadarView™

Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Services​ RadarView™

Engineering & Construction Digital Services RadarView™


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