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  • Trend in Web - Web/E-Commerce Staffing Ratios 2021

    Web/E-Commerce Staffing Ratios 2021

    Web/e-commerce support staffing has been generally flat as a share of the typical IT staff over the past five years. But the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a substantial increase in digital interactions with customers, partners, and suppliers. Therefore, we expect staffing demands to increase for web/e-commerce personnel in the coming years. This Research Byte summarizes the five-year trend in web/e-commerce staffing ratios.

    November, 2021

  • IT Best Practices - Benchmarking Methods and Processes (Nov 2002)

    Benchmarking Methods and Processes (Nov 2002)

    The most important thing to bear in mind before initiating a benchmarking process is to determine what you want to learn and how you will use the newly acquired knowledge.

    November, 2002

  • IT Best Practices - Managing the IT Benchmarking Process

    Managing the IT Benchmarking Process

    During economic downturns, many organizations cut their IT benchmarking activities in order to conserve resources. This may be prudent in many cases; however, it may lack wisdom in the long term. This article outlines key points to keep in mind in conducting an IT spending benchmark.

    September, 2002