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  • IT Best Practices - The European Union's Privacy Initiatives (Jul 2000)

    The European Union’s Privacy Initiatives (Jul 2000)

    As the concern for privacy increases, governments around the world are working on legislation or have formed cross-border task forces to deal with privacy issues. We expect that the outcome of international privacy efforts will take several years to unfold and even longer to be implemented on a global basis. We also expect that national laws regarding privacy will continue to evolve around the world.

    May, 2002

  • IT Best Practices - Employee Email and Internet Use Policies

    Employee Email and Internet Use Policies

    Employees increasingly use email and the Internet while at work, both for work related purposes and frequently for personal use as well. The inability to distinguish between work and non-work related usage is sometimes problematic, and potentially exposes businesses to liability for a variety of claims from employees themselves, from clients, or even from third parties. Employers should be aware of the potential risks and of the measures that may help to decrease their exposure.

    May, 2002

  • IT Best Practices - FTC Cupcake Party Nabs Mousetrapping Scammer

    FTC Cupcake Party Nabs Mousetrapping Scammer

    A cyberscammer who used more than 5,500 copycat Web addresses to divert surfers from their intended Internet destinations to one of his sites and hold them captive while he pelted their screens with a barrage of ads was charged by the Federal Trade Commission with violating federal laws. At the request of the FTC, a U.S. District Court enjoined his activities pending further order of the court. The FTC is going to court to force the defendant to give up his ill-gotten gains.

    March, 2002