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  • MEatverse featured - Beyond Metaverse—Why You Need an Omniverse Strategy

    Beyond Metaverse—Why You Need an Omniverse Strategy

    The digital age has triggered a rapid convergence of the human experience across physical, virtual, and augmented realities. These realities now exist in what is referred to as the metaverse. What is not commonly appreciated, however, is that there are multiple metaverses or “verses” that represent communities where people meet friends, work, play games, shop, and watch movies. It is a huge mistake for business leaders to think about these verses as one thing. Rather they are collectively the “omniverse,” the assemblage of what will become many verses owned by companies, governments, institutions, and other organized bodies. This report defines the aspects of a “verse” and provides a list of essential digital prerequisites necessary for businesses to prepare for their organizations to service their clients and conduct business in the omniverse.

    April, 2022