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  • PrimaryImage ARVRXR Services 2023 450x450 - AR/VR/XR Services 2023 RadarView™

    AR/VR/XR Services 2023 RadarView™

    The AR/VR/XR Services 2023 RadarView™ assists organizations in identifying strategic partners for AR/VR/XR by offering detailed capability and experience analyses of service providers. It provides a 360-degree view of key AR/VR/XR service providers across practice maturity, partner ecosystem, and investments and innovation, thereby supporting enterprises in identifying the right AR/VR/XR services partner. The 48-page report also highlights top market trends in the AR/VR/XR space and Avasant’s viewpoint on them.

    June, 2023

  • PrimaryImage ARVRXR Services 2023 Market Insights - AR/VR/XR Services 2023 Market Insights™

    AR/VR/XR Services 2023 Market Insights™

    The AR/VR/XR Services 2023 Market Insights™ assists organizations in identifying important demand-side trends that are expected to have a long-term impact on any AR/VR/XR project. The report also highlights key challenges that enterprises face today.

    June, 2023

  • MoneyShot AR VR XR Services 2023 Market Insight - AR/VR/XR Services: Accelerating the Journey to the Metaverse

    AR/VR/XR Services: Accelerating the Journey to the Metaverse

    The increased enterprise interest in AR/VR/XR over the past year driven by the introduction of the metaverse has led to heightened conversations with service providers. Businesses sought to understand how these technologies could enhance their processes, improve productivity, and provide immersive experiences to their customers. Although the initial hype around the metaverse has subsided, the enterprise demand for features such as personalized digital avatars, metaverse-specific marketing content, and blockchain-powered virtual marketplaces is growing. Both demand-side and supply-side trends are covered in Avasant’s AR/VR/XR Services 2023 Market Insights™ and AR/VR/XR Services 2023 RadarView™, respectively.

    June, 2023