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  • Technology Trends - Microsoft Dynamics Stepping onto Large Enterprise Turf

    Microsoft Dynamics Stepping onto Large Enterprise Turf

    Long known as business management software for small and midsized organizations, Microsoft Dynamics is increasingly being used in large and multinational enterprises. This report outlines four customer needs that are driving Microsoft Dynamics up-market and three ways in which Dynamics has become capable of serving these large organizations. Challenges facing Microsoft in gaining market share among larger companies are also discussed. We conclude with examples of customers that illustrate the move of Dynamics into the enterprise market and recommendations for large enterprise buyers who are considering Microsoft Dynamics. (12 pp., 1 fig.) [Research Byte]

    December, 2012

  • IT Best Practices - Managing Software Acquisition

    Managing Software Acquisition

    Evaluation of the metrics of a project, Project A, warned us that the schedule proposed by the contractor-14 months-was unrealistic. Thirteen months later, as we expected, the contractor had to add nine months to the delivery schedule. This kind of delay happened so often as to be characteristic. The problem facing the KPN purchasing organization was making measurement effective at the beginning of the purchasing process, rather than a sad footnote at the end of it.

    August, 2002