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  • IT Staffing - IT Labor Supply Tightens

    IT Labor Supply Tightens

    The pool of IT professionals seeking employment shrunk in 2004 and early 2005. Computer workers are experiencing the lowest jobless rate since 2001. This report, based on our 2005 IT Salary Report, provides employment statistics for eight IT job categories, and it should alert IT managers to the upcoming shortage of skilled professionals to fill job openings and concomitant demand-driven wage increases. This article also reports the results of a Computer Economics survey on the effectiveness of personnel management and workload management processes, disciplines that are essential in addressing the tightening IT labor supply. (5 pp., 4 figs.)

    April, 2006

  • IT Staffing - Long-Term Trends in IT Staffing Ratios

    Long-Term Trends in IT Staffing Ratios

    Over the past decade, the mix of jobs in the typical IT department has been changing, in ways that are not commonly recognized. This article, based on 10 years of our IT staffing metrics, identifies those changes and their significance for the future of IT staffing. The following job categories are analyzed in terms of their current percentage in the typical IT organization and relative growth or decline over the past five and 10 year periods: Application Development, System Management, Network Administration, Database Administration, QA/QC, Help Desk & PC Support, Website Management, Computer Operations, Documentation/Training, Administration & Clerical, and IT Management. (8 pp., 3 figs.)[Executive Summary]

    March, 2006