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  • Primaryimage Enterprise security2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    Enterprise Security Orchestration Platforms 2020 RadarView™

    The Enterprise Security Orchestrion Platforms 2020 RadarView™ report is designed to help enterprises make strategic decisions to identify the best security orchestration platform to build their SOC. It assesses the platform providers based on automation capabilities, the number of predefined playbooks, built-in integrations, flexibility in the pricing model, efforts to reduce TCO, and the maturity and scale of the operation.

  • PrimaryImages IAtools2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    Intelligent Automation Tools 2020 RadarView™

    The Intelligent Automation Tools 2020 RadarView™ report is designed to help enterprises identify the right tool vendor for implementing and scaling their automation engagement. It assesses the tool vendors basis their hyperautomation capabilities across the entire automation toolkit, flexibility in the pricing model, efforts to reduce TCO, maturity and scale of operations, and initiatives to increase citizen development and democratize RPA.

  • Fig1Impact of COVID 19 on IT Organizations in 2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    IT Budgets Show K-Shaped Recovery

    A new special survey by Computer Economics in August through September, 2020 shows a K-shaped recovery from the pandemic has begun. Nearly an equal number of companies have increased their IT budgets in response to the pandemic as those that decreased them, with slightly more actually increasing them. This research byte is a summary of the full report Revisiting the Impact of COVID-19 on IT Organizations in 2020.

  • MoneyShot IA Tools2020 - Research Reports

    Intelligent Platforms Changing the Automation Landscape

    The RPA industry has shifted toward hyperautomation, which leverages AI, ML, and NLP to enable end-to-end automation. Tool vendors have evolved their solutions into enterprise-class suites covering the entire automation lifecycle by bundling process discovery, workflow orchestration, prediction and recommendation, document processing, analytics, and unified dashboards. Software vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle have also entered the AI-led automation marketplace by embedding automation in their applications and platforms, organically or inorganically.

  • PrimaryImage FMS2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    Financial Management Suites 2020 RadarView™

    The Financial Management Suites 2020 RadarView™ report addresses the need of finance leaders to identify the right solution to enhance their finance function. It also brings out detailed capability and experience analyses of leading vendors to assist enterprises in identifying strategic partners for their finance transformation journey. The 51-page report also identifies the key global vendors that can help enterprises in the adoption of financial management suite. The report also highlights the key adoption and product evolution trends in the Financial Management suites space and Avasant’s viewpoint on them.

  • artificial intelligence 3382507 1920 600x400 - Research Reports

    Artificial Intelligence: Should Robots Have Rights ?

    In 1950, Alan Turing proposed a test for the ability of a machine to exhibit intelligent behavior that is indistinguishable from that of a human being. Over the 70 years since, artificial intelligence has become more and more sophisticated, and there have already been claims of computers passing the Turing Test. As AI applications, and especially AI-enabled robots, continue their evolution, at what point do humans begin to, in fact, perceive them as living beings? And as this perception takes hold, will humans begin to feel obligated to grant them certain rights?

  • Slide1 1 - Research Reports

    Enterprise Security Orchestration Platforms – Gravitating Towards AI-Enabled Tools and Contextual Indicators

    The traditional enterprise security platform is evolving.They now incorporate more capabilities into a single enterprise SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) platform. The SOAR value proposition has become more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, because organizations require multi-functional capabilities to secure themselves against new threats.These tools help solve security challenges resulting from a distributed workforce, more BYOD devices, and cloud solutions. This Research Byte summarizes our full RadarView report on the subject.

  • MoneyShotFMsuites2020 600x400 - Research Reports

    Next Generation Financial Management Suites for the Intelligent Finance Function

    Modularization and better integration with third-party applications are expanding financial management (FM) suite capabilities, accelerating adoption across the organizations of all sizes. FM suite vendors offer end-to-end solutions to meet the ever-growing demand, especially among small and midsize businesses. Solutions built on open standards with plug-and-play integration and those that offer great user experience are gaining market share. Leading vendors are investing in OCR, NLP, ML, and RPA to automate financial management processes and build an intelligent finance function. These and other trends are explored in Avasant’s new Financial Management Suites 2020 RadarView™ report.

  • cloudnetwor 600x360 - Research Reports

    Big Blue bets big on Cloud-First Enterprise

    IBM CEO Arvind Krishna’s announcement about a strategic move to spin off their managed infrastructure services business on October 8, 2020 is reverberating across the business and technology landscape. However, keeping the magnitude of the announcement aside, this is in line with IBM’s time-tested modus operandi of divesting slower growth and maturing businesses, such as their exit from the PC business. While this strategic shift is considerably late compared to other players, it is the right move that leverages their Red Hat acquisition to target the fast growing multi-cloud market.

  • Fig1RB RetailITSpending 600x400 - Research Reports

    Retail IT Spending Needed for Digital Transformation

    The retail sector is going through a major transformation. Brick-and-mortar stalwarts are filing for bankruptcy or disappearing entirely. E-commerce and the digital customer experience are taking an increasing part of the shopping dollar. And all of that was happening before the COVID-19 pandemic forced major restrictions on brick-and-mortar shopping. Traditional retail is in a “change or die” mode, and the transformation of IT is going to decide who survives. This Research Byte is a brief summary of our special report on IT spending trends in the retail sector, which is available for free download.

  • Fig3RBITbestpractices2020 21 600x400 - Research Reports

    In a Year Where Security Is Paramount, Many Drop the Ball

    Computer Economics, a division of Avasant Research has released its major annual study on 34 IT management best practices, and one important category of practices–IT security and risk management–is showing mixed results. This is a bad sign in 2020, considering the changing threat landscape and the ramifications of the pandemic. This Research Byte highlights our findings on IT security best practices, along with an overview of the contents of the full study. The full study analyzes the growth and maturity of all 34 best practices, which are grouped into five major categories: IT governance, IT financial management, IT operational management, IT security and risk management, and application development.

  • Primary Image ITbestpractices 2020 21 600x400 - Research Reports

    IT Management Best Practices 2020-2021

    The best-run IT organizations not only focus their process improvement efforts on those of other departments, they also seek to optimize their own IT management processes internally. In this study, we examine the growth and maturity of 34 IT management practices.