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  • 5G and healthcare - 5G and the Future of Healthcare

    5G and the Future of Healthcare

    5G promises to be 10—20 times faster and with less latency than the previous generation (4G), enabling new capabilities and transforming applications in a variety of industries. However, the cost of 5G is enormous. Healthcare, a notoriously laggard sector, has the opportunity to take a big step forward if it can choose the right applications to begin its investment.

    October, 2021

  • RVBadges PrimaryImage LS2021 - Life Sciences Digital Services 2020-2021 RadarView™

    Life Sciences Digital Services 2020-2021 RadarView™

    The Life Sciences Digital 2020-2021 Services RadarView™ report provides information to the relevant enterprises assisting them in charting out their action plan as they digitally transform themselves. This 88-page report also identifies critical global service providers and system integrators that can expedite their transformation journey. Additionally, the report highlights the key trends in the market and Avasant’s view on the road ahead for life sciences companies over the next three years.

    April, 2020

  • IT Spending Benchmarks - Comparative Analysis of IT Spending in the Life Sciences

    Comparative Analysis of IT Spending in the Life Sciences

    As with many high-tech enterprises, life science companies make considerable investments in information technology. In this study, we look at IT spending and staffing in the life science sector by comparing key, high-level metrics against a broad sample of organizations. For the comparative analysis, we use three measures of IT intensity: IT spending a percentage of revenue, IT spending per user, and application spending per user. To determine where spending differs, we break down IT spending into five functional areas: IT management, applications, data center, network, and end-user support. We also examine IT staff headcount by those same functional areas. We conclude with our assessment of where life science organizations should focus their efforts to improve IT performance. (13 pp., 6 figs.)[Research Byte]

    April, 2012